Pinot noir

The page presents :

  • Photos of the wine harvest taken by Jacques Paray,
  • Perspectives leading to the « Petite terrasse ».

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Revision date15/05/2023

From the “Petite Terrasse” you have a view over the vineyard of 1,850 vine stocks which produce two varieties of grapes for the pinot noir “Vin des Grottes” (cave wine).

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Here is a very unusual bottle that I found on a flemarket in Paris very recently : This Vin des Grottes 2005 is made from a small 20-are vineyard of Pinot Noir planted near the chateau of Saint-Germain-en-Laye west of Paris. The region is a bit too north for pinot noir but you can see with the picture on top of this article from Le Parisien how the walls below the Chateau help reverberate the sun and ripen the grapes. The parcel was planted in 2000 with 1900 vines (at thus a density of 10 000 per hectare) and 2005 is considered one of the best vintage of this wine. The parcel stands on the same slope where the monks of the Saint Wandrille abbey (Normandy) farmed their own parcel in the 15th century from which they made a reknown wine.

Very pleasant wine to drink with a savory substance, a sweet edge (but it’s obviously dry, it’s just the glycerin) and earthy, underwoods aromas. I can’t believe I paid only 3 € for this bottle. This wine is not on the market, it is probably distributed to sponsors (the towns of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Le Pecq) and volunteers who help this not-for-profit venture.