Maurice Denis ‘ gardens

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OriginBoutiques de musées – By Fabienne Stahl
(In French only)
Revision date20/05/2023

Maurice Denis (1870-1943) is well known as a theorist, painter and decorator, founder of the Nabis group and renovator of sacred art in the inter-war period.
Although he never painted in the open air as the Impressionists did, he never ceased to collect emotions from nature, sensations in front of the motif, recorded on pages of sketchbooks from which he then drew paintings, recomposed in his studio. Like Monet or Caillebotte, he was in love with his garden, trees and green spaces in general, from which he drew most of his inspiration, and from which the freshness of his palette stems. This book offers an anthology of gardens painted by the artist, in Île-de-France, Brittany or Italy.