Maison de plaisance de Noailles

The page presents :

  • A general picture of the current building, with the shadow of a trophy appearing on the opposite facade,
  • On each side, drawings of the trophies adorning the facade, made by Elisabeth Reinhardt. They evoke the hunts organized by the Noailles family in the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye.
  • A picture of the living room where Mozart concerts are given, and where, if you are lucky, you can taste the marvelous chocolates prepared with the fruits and vegetables of the garden,
  • A portrait of the Duke of Noailles,
  • A picture of the portal.

Book map : B

Address : 10 rue d’Alsace

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Drawing realized by Elisabeth Reinhardt showing the Original Hotel de Noailles.

SubjectHotel de Noailles
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OriginOffice de Tourisme Saint Germain Boucles de Seine
Revision date03/05/2023
a pavilion hidden in the heart of Saint-Germain

Saint-Germain-en-Laye has many private mansions; relive the times of Louis XIV by visiting the one that belonged to the Duchess of Noailles.

Built between 1679 and 1682 by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Louis XIV’s chief architect, at the request of the Duke of Noailles, this house was split into two in 1832 when the rue d’Alsace was created. 

Today, the property’s owner, Françoise Brissard, opens his marvellous house to visitors during the summer. You will see salons decorated with 18th-century panelling and gardens adorned with sculptures, which are listed in the Inventaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques, as are the roofs and façades.

SubjectGisele and Roger Brissard Funds
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OriginFonds Gisèle et Roger Brissard (in French only)
Revision date10/05/2023

Created in 2012 by Françoise Brissard in memory of her parents, the Gisèle and Roger Brissard Fund aims to conduct an activity to safeguard and enhance the architectural, artistic and cultural heritage of the site, and to keep its pleasure and spirit.

By creating this fund, Françoise Brissard wishes to enhance and bring to life this decorative and cultural heritage while considering the way in which it will be able to adapt, perpetuate and enrich itself over the years. It is under these conditions that the purpose of the fund will be to ensure the safeguarding of the property, of which it will have the usufruct, to develop projects useful for its enhancement, to define the axes allowing it to be an actor of its environment, and to transmit the spirit of creation, benevolence and freedom which have always made it a unique place.

You can contribute to the development of these actions through your interest, your knowledge, and, if you wish, your donations. (Mail contact : Here)

Scientific committee of the fund
  • Gabriel Wick, chairman of the committee, doctor in history and teacher at NY University of Paris.
  • Clément Dionet, director of musical programming, former opera singer, parliamentary officer in French Senate.
  • Emmanuel El Khoury, teacher and founder of « Les Maths ».
  • Vincent Freylin, responsible for internal communication at CMN (National monument center)
  • François Gilles, sculptor, doctoral student in history,
  • Isabelle Gérard, founder of the neighborhood newspaper « La gazette de la rue de Lorraine », and co-author with Elisabeth Reinhardt of the book « Promenade rue de Lorraine » (see page 80)
  • Anne-Madeleine Goulet, director of research at CNRS (National research center).
  • Francesco Guidoni, architetto and doctor in architectural history.
  • Louis-Joseph Lamborot, director of Hérès Architecture.
  • Gabriela Lamy, Garden historian.